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We offer comprehensive health check-up packages to keep a track of your overall health status.

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About Dr. T Bhasin Path Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Accuracy and Precision

Ever since our initiation, our aim was to serve the community with altruistic services and our dedication has made us achieve a top-notch mark in the medical industry. Our diagnostic centers are located in various cities of Punjab including Amritsar, Malout, Dabwali and Bathinda, offering advanced healthcare assistance to the patients.

We feel proud to share that we are serving more than 100 associated Labs and are able to cover 100% Tests in all segments of Clinical Pathology, Biopsy, Microbiology and Radiology.

Our laboratories have a team of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have earned a respectable name in the healthcare sector. The motive of the organization is to provide accurate and precise test results to the patients at an affordable price and to make testing procedures easy for them.


We aspire to become a premier laboratory service provider in our region that both doctors & patients find accessible, affordable & most importability reliable & trustworthy.


Dr T Bhasin Path Labs Pvt. Ltd. is committed to being a "patient centric" establishment and providing high quality, safe, yet cost effective, laboratory services, through a group of qualified & trained medical professionals & laboratory professional & state of the art equipment.